New Tobacco Policy

August 15, 2019 0 comments Damen Kugel Categories Uncategorized


School district facilities, including school vehicles, shall be off-limits for smoking or other uses of tobacco products.  For purposes of this policy, it includes all products such as cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, nicotine products, vapor products (including e-cigarettes), and any products intended by appearance or effect to replicate tobacco products.  This requirement extends to employees and visitors.  This policy applies at all times, including school-sponsored and nonschool-sponsored events.  Persons failing to abide by this request shall be required to extinguish their smoking material and may be required to leave the school district premises immediately.  It shall be the responsibility of the administration to enforce this policy.

Legal Reference:         Goals 2000:  Educate America Act, Pub. L. No. 103-227, 108 Stat.                                                     125 (1994).